PLANETA COMPARTIDO is a non-governmental organization registered at the Registro de Asociaciones de Andalucía (Spain) on Jannuary 29th, 2015, number 16497, Section 1.

PLANETA COMPARTIDO is composed of a small group of people whose interests span education, arts and culture working together to change the world. This is a global project open to people worldwide identified with our vision, mission and values.

Our vision is that of a fair and sustainable world in which all nations can live in peace and harmony within nature. We reject the aspiration of sustained growth, wealth accumulation and consumerism.

Our mission is to work in order to solve socio-economic and environmental conflicts caused by the preeminent system, centred on the abuse of humanity and the earth, causes; and to propose alternatives.

The values that inform our mission are:

Integral action
We work to eliminate all forms of inequality whether that be social, economic or enviromental through our vision.

We work for every living being’s dignity with an understanding of cultural and biological diversity within a universal heritage which calls for protection.

We are not associated with any political party, union, or religion in any format.

Volunteering, solidarity and cooperation
We believe in people, in their capability to act and change. We invest in volunteering, mobilizing and collaborating with citizens all over the world. We believe this is equally important to solving local and global problems.

Future insight
We believe the future calls for immediate action. We invest in education which we see as the best way to promote an informed, critical citizenship, able to express their attitude, values and beliefs.

Efficiency and exactitude
We are conscious both of our mission’s breadth and of our limited resources. We work hard and efficiently to build a better world.