At PLANETA COMPARTIDO we consider a global vision necessary to solve both socio-economic and enviromental problems. We work to create a fair and sustainable world using with education, arts and culture as main tools. We will:

a. Develop activities focused on international cooperation on development, paying special attention to the needs of minority groups. 

b. Encourage educational programs on development in order to raise awareness of the inequalities caused by our current world order, to understand the real cause of poverty and search for solutions to eradicate it, to facilitate social change based on justice, peace and equality.

c. Design educational plans on environmentalism, to increase understanding of the interdependence between humans and the environment through rational and critical knowledge of its biophysical, social, political, economic and cultural realities.

d. Defend and preserve nature.

e. Promote volunteering and mobilize communities to transform the system, developing a sense of solidarity, social compromise, critical spirit, altruism, responsibility and participation.