PLANETA COMPARTIDO intends to support micro-projects implemented by civil society that contribute to improving  the living conditions of the most disadvantaged. We are strongly convinced that the citizens of the world, working toguether as equals, are able to change the preminent socio-economic and environmental relations. We trust that people and communities can make a difference, thus we want to work with local organizations we share with values as independence, justice and sustainability.

We are open to support projects worldwide
, but we are specially looking to
o support initiatives in Latin America and Morocco. Although we can agreed meetings with our counterparts in their countries, most of our work will be made from Spain.

We are now developing a Training course in Early Stimulation for the caregivers of Amal Center, an orphanage in Fez (Morocco), working with the local association Friends of Fez Orphans. 

Our priority are programs focused on improving the situation of the most vulnerable groups: children, women, indigenous comunities...

If you are a representative of a community or organisation
and are interested to work with PLANETA COMPARTIDO, send us an email to writing in the Subject line “Projects”.

Priority is given to projects sets in natural areas of high ecological value.