As we believe this is a share planet, that it’s not belong to us, we feel the obligation of it’s preservation. Because we are convinced our future lies to it, it seems to us the most intelligent option. We work for social justice, but we can’t help but doing the same for conserving the natural ecosystems.

On the issue of nature’s conservation PLANETA COMPARTIDO focuses, in these first moments, in aspects related with environmental education. We are preparing two creative activities, one of them part of a campaign against the use of ilegal bird traps, and the other to reflect on the unexpected consequences of human intervention in natural processes.

Illegal bird snap trap found near Alcalá de Guadaíra, Seville (Spain)


We are looking forward to carrying out new projects related with Nature study, conservation and defence. Nature draughtsmans and photographers, biologist and other professionals will be wellcome to work with us.

Tropical rainforest. Costa Rica