PLANETA COMPARTIDO is an open project which is enriched with the participation of all who identify with its Vision, Mission and Values. If so, you can:

Collaborate on a creative project
Beeing a partner or not, you can enrich our projects or propose new initiatives related to artistic creation (theater, painting, music, photography, design, literature, film...), either to raise funds or put in implement new educational campaigns.

Lullabies for a new world 

Our lullabies CD is ready with lyrics and original music, is actually running. It will help us to raise funds for PLANETA COMPARTIDO projects.

Cover Ilustration

The proceeds from the album will be entirely dedicated to PLANETA COMPARTIDO projects. All those who collaborate do it so selflessly.

PLANETA COMPARTIDO is a global project and therefore would like to translate its contents into as many languages as possible. If you want to help us, please contact us.