The provision of education is invaluable to the creation of a fair and sustainable world. We at PLANETA COMPARTIDO recognise this and have establish our own Educational Area. This division has two focuses, education for development and enviromental education. The Educational Area prepares creative activities and  learning materials to assist teachers in their work.


Educational establishments interested in receiving these materials can apply for membership of the Planeta Compartido schools' network sending an email to

We are currently preparing (Spanish by English):

1. Drawings to change the world

This activities are designed both for children (from 10 years) and adults.

a. Drawings to change the world I. Campaign against ilegal bird traps

Creativity makes possible to change an unwanted reality: the killing of protected birds. A moment for reflection and a drawing activity of surprising results.

b. Drawings to change the world II. Campaign against the use of child soldiers

The same resources, drawing and imagination, let us show our rejection to this terrible and common practice in some countries in armed conflicts.

c. Drawings to change the world III. Borders

A campaign to think about physical borders and the role they play to mantain inequality. 

2. Short plays

The plague

The work is an oportunity to reflect on the unexpected consequences of human intervention in natural processes. An original story and a musical theme with a surprising ending.


PLANETA COMPARTIDO works to organise in the future exhibitions, courses, seminaries and discussion forums.