Their  future is in your hands. A phrase that whishes to voice the importance of early stimulation in children.

Being early childhood experiences so determined in life we have decided to drive, in collaboration with the association Friends of Fez orphans and the Amal Center for abandoned children, a training course for the staff of the orphanage.

Although the program of estimulation is in principle applicable to all the children of the center, it has wanted to pay special attention to cases that present a disability due to the special needs they entail.

Focused in a fundamentally practical way, the training course led by psychology Mercedes Castillo Gómez has sought to guide the professionals of the center both in regard to the development of stimulation sessions, as the design of specific programs adapted to the characteristics of each child.

We hope that this  is only the first step of a long path of collaboration that will allow abandoned children to live a full life and a future full of opportunities.

It is necessary to mention the good reception on the part of the management of the Center Amal and friends of the orphans of Fez, which has facilitated the organization of this activity. Our appreciation also for the professionals of the center and Fouzi Abdelhak, a Spanish teacher who has been acting  as a translator, whose good work has facilitated the work of all.

Last but not least, we thank Manuel Pedrero Paz for the preparation of the communication on visual stimulation and the assistance of Auxiliadora Santos with his advices on issues related to personal autonomy.