To feel as our own the needs of others is certainly easier when we are on the ground, when we know who should face them. In our case, the meeting came from the hand of Zakia Elyoubi, president of the association Friends of Fez Orphans, which made possible our visit to the Amal Center. In it we met some of the abandoned children who live there waiting for adoption as well as the work of this entity.

Friends of Fez Orphans works with this orphanage to promote the socialization, learning and therapy of children while providing training for their caregivers. After analyzing with Zakia the needs that her young organization and the children of the center have, PLANETA COMPARTIDO prepares, in a first phase, a Training Plan for caregivers of children with disabilities that guides them about the importance of early stimulation in childhood and provide them with the resources to launch an early care program. Although such a plan aims to influence disabled children, it can be extended to those who do not present any handicap, so that both can lead a happy childhood and a full adult life.