After two years of preparation, it is ready the CD “Nanas para un mundo nuevo” that PLANETA COMPARTIDO has produced with such enthusiasm. There are our lyrics, the songs that we have composed and the arrangements finished. The recording sessions were left behind and, with the edition finished and the design ready, we offer it to all those who want to sleep their children with them. But we can not forget that this is a project that goes further, which aims to go further. The donations received will allow us to finance the ongoing projects and undertake new challenges. At the moment, it is our priority to start an Early Childhood Care Program by facilitating the training of caregivers at the Amal Center, an orphanage in the city of Fez (Morocco) where children are awaiting adoption. We hope that Faiza, Salima, Sajid and many others enjoy this record. It is made for them.

Nanas for a new world contains 18 tracks with original lyrics and music. There are many songs designed for babies, but we have not wanted to forget the children who are "already big" and can understand the lyrics. They also like songs ;-)

Orders can be made by contacting us at indicating in the subject "Order CD nanas".

Listen to a selection of nanas in this video. 

Our thanks to Pinto, Álvaro, Leslie, Adrián, Esen and Sibel for giving us their sensitivity and leaving such a beautiful track on this album.

Thanks to the teacher, writer and friend Carmen Gil Martínez, who has written a magical, beautiful and funny Nana.

Thanks to Isaías Morente, Manuel Franco and Manuel Jesus Linares who, even in the distance, helped us so much with the first scores.

Thanks to our precious babies, who unknowingly brought us inspiration.

Nanas for a new world is registered with a Creative Commons license that allows to share the works with other people whenever the authors are mentioned, but the compositions can not be changed in any way nor to make derivative works. It is also not allowed to use them for commercial purposes.