The NGO PLANETA COMPARTIDO, with register number 16497/1, is a non-profit, just-born entity, now looking for an image to be its sign of identity. According to its core philosophy, the logotype creation is to be integrated in a process in which a creative youth from worldwide, willing to identify themselves with the claim for a free and solidary world, can play an active role. For this very reason, it is not solely a contest. This is a convocation to participate in a brainstorm in which every participant will surely have something to offer. In order to facilitate the design work and make sure that every presented proposal understands the organization’s ideology, its view, mission and values can be found at Who we are and What we do in this blog. If you are willing to learn some more from this organization, participants can always resort to its blog,

The contest will be regulated according to the following bases:

1. Purpose

The contest intends to get youth closer to this NGO and turn them into an active actor in the search for an image to define it.

2. Participants

Young people from every single nationality, aged 14 to 25 are welcome to participate, both individually or collectively. Two separate categories will be established: aged from 14 to 18, and 19 to 25, respectively.

3. Participation requirements

 The chosen design must be coherent to the view, mission and values of this entity.

Participants can present up to two different pieces.

The proposal does not necessarily have to include the name “PLANETA COMPARTIDO”.

It will be taken into account in a positive way if the design can be lately reproduced in both colour or black and white. It will also be appreciated if it can be used in any type of format and size (letters and envelopes, presentation cards, website, informative billboards, clothes, etc.)

Technique is free to judgment.

f. All designs must be original and unprecedented, not being possible to use, either partially or totally, a third person’s piece. Authors will be responsible for all claims regarding the originality, likeness or partial copies of the presented work.

4. How to present your design

Participants can present their proposals in both paper (A4) or digital format (JPG, TIF).

If you are willing to do so in paper, mail it to the address:

c/ Carlinga Nº5, 7º-2
41020 – Seville (Spain)

If you are willing to submit it using digital format, email it to the following address:

Emails must include “Planeta Compartido Brainstorm” on the subject.

Participants who are willing to present their piece using digital format must place their names as the document title. The also must include their whole name, nationality, place of residence, phone number and age in the email.

Schools and other education centers can forward all the proposals in one envelope indicating, on the back side of every piece, name and age of every participant, or participants. This envelope must also include the center’s information and responsible teachers, indicating a phone number and email address.

Education centers from the city of Sevilla are able to ask for members of the organization to pick the proposals up, just as long as the number of pieces is too big for its proper submission.

5. Deadlines

The deadline will be May 31st, 2015.

6. Resolution

This organization is fond to thank all participants on their contributions to this shared effort, their identification with our job towards a better world and it encourages them to continue contributing to achieve it. Even though the main goal of this is not to select winners or give prizes, a committee integrated by directive members and arts-related professionals will select the best proposals from each category, being these exposed in the website PLANETA COMPARTIDO. The proud authors of these proposals will receive a commemorative diploma in order to thank them for their participation and recognition of their talent.

The committee’s resolution will be notified to the authors either by a phone call or email, being their names also published in the website. On the other hand, if the participation has been made through an education center, the resolution will be notified to the center’s responsible.

It is understood that participants authorize the use of their name and duplicates of their piece in publications, both written and electronic, made in order to publicize the activity and spread the results.

7. Selected Ideas

Selected logotypes from each category will remain in exclusive and permanent property of this NGO which, demonstrating its authorship, will have complete freedom to use them, both partially or totally.
The Directorate will value the convenience of adopting some of the selected ideas as the entity’s logotype, although keeping in mind the importance of this choice and the necessity to have an always actualized logotype, maintains the right to:
a. Look for an alternate option to those presented proposals for the logotype’s design
b. Technically improve the logotype in order to make its spread easier.
c. Modify some aspects from the selected proposal in order to make it more adequate to the necessities of the entity

8. Final dispositions

Participation itself means the total acceptance of these bases on their totality.
Any questions, doubts or divergences regarding these bases will be solved by the Directorate of this Association, PLANETA COMPARTIDO.