This project of PLANETA COMPARTIDO is about breaking with the stereotyped vision offered by the media about the countries of origin of the migrants coming to Spain. With this aim, we want to make known a part of their cultural wealth, using the traditional fairy tales as an example. However, fairy tales are much more than that. They are shared place and personal experience. Fairy tales are the mother, the father’s voice, or the grandmother’s affection, and in the case of Tales in the bag, they are the thread that will make us share emotions, memories and life experiences with the narrators of these stories.

We are convinced that art can be a vehicle for understanding and encountering between the people of the world, a path towards leaving aside clichés and unjustified mistrust. Therefore, we want this to be a space for encounter, in which talking will lead to recalling childhood, knowing the narrator and, finally, to the fairy tale.

A documentary about this process and a book based on the interviews with a selection of the fairy tales will be the fruit of all this work.