Planeta Compartido wants to thank for their effort and enthusiasm all the young people who have participated in the international brainstorming competition organised for the design of our logo. We also want them to receive our acknowledgement for their altruistic contribution, creativity and commitment to a sustainable and fair world.

The jury has decided to award the work of Óscar Tello Morente for considering it clear, fully expresive and original. The ability of his design to be reproduced in full colours, greyscale and monochrome has also been taken into account.

In addition, the designs of the following participants have been awarded an honourable mention: 

- Catalina Andrea Flores Guajardo, who sent from Chile her discreet, balanced and elegant work.

- Francisco Caballero Tirado, who has presented a fresh idea playing with polisemic shapes.

- Santos Juan Jhonatan Xocoy Velasco, the Guatemalan creator of a piece of fine and painstaking drawing.